Mathews Youth Bow

Skyler Flynn
19 min readMar 22, 2024



Welcome to our Mathews Youth Bow roundup! In this article, we’ll be diving into the world of youth archery equipment and showcasing some of the top bows available on the market. Whether you’re looking for a bow for your child’s first attempt at archery or looking to upgrade their current setup, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we explore the features, benefits, and performance of these youth bows.

The Top 12 Best Mathews Youth Bow

  1. Top Quality Youth Compound Bow for Kids — The PSE Mini Burner RTS Compound Bow Package Mossy Oak Country offers a customizable experience for young shooters, with adjustable draw length and weight, plus essential accessories for a memorable first bow experience.
  2. Engaging Girls Youth Bow with Whisker Biscuit and Accessories — Introduce your child to the world of archery with Bear’s Brave Youth Bow — Purple, a trusted 26" axle-to-axle bow designed for young hunters aged 8 to 12, featuring an array of accessories for a safe and enjoyable experience.
  3. Diamond Edge Max Bow Package for Archery Enthusiasts — Maximize your archery performance with the Diamond Edge Max Compound Bow Package featuring adjustable draw length and unmatched accuracy, making it the ultimate choice for all ages and skill levels.
  4. Crosman Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow — Perfect for Outdoor Adventures — Empower young archery enthusiasts with the durable, all-weather Crosman Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow, complete with everything needed for a rewarding shooting experience.
  5. Mathews Genesis Adjustable Youth Bow — The Mathews Genesis Original Bow, featuring an adjustable draw length and exceptional durability, has become the go-to choice for young archers and beginners in the National Archery in Schools Program.
  6. Affordable Kids Compound Bow Set — Perfect for Archery Beginners & Practice — Unlock the full potential of young archers with the PSE Guide Youth Compound Bow, a safe and efficient beginner’s set designed for precise target practice and long-lasting enjoyment.
  7. PSE Uprising Youth Compound Bow for Ages 14–30 — The PSE Uprising Youth Compound Bow offers customizable draw lengths and weights, making it perfect for both beginner and experienced archers, while delivering impressive speeds of 310 FPS.
  8. Versatile Mathews Youth Bow for Adjustable Shooting Experience — The Diamond Infinite 305 Black Bow delivers optimal performance for archers of all skill levels, with adjustable draw length and weight, a lightweight design, and a complete package of accessories for a premium hunting experience.
  9. Daisy Youth Compound Bow: Adjustable Sight, Ambidextrous Design, Perfect for Beginners — Introducing the Daisy Youth Compound Bow — Perfect for younger archers, features an ambidextrous design, adjustable sight, and comes with all necessary accessories, all wrapped in an ergonomic and safety-focused design.
  10. Genesis Quest G5 Compound Bow for Every Archery Enthusiast — Experience ultimate performance and comfort with the Genesis Bow Teal RH, a durable and lightweight compound bow featuring ergonomic design and a single high-performing cam, perfect for archers of all sizes.
  11. Centerpoint Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow — Mathews Youth Bow — The Centerpoint ABY1721 Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow is a reliable, durable, and versatile choice for young archers, boasting an adjustable draw weight of up to 15 pounds, heavy-duty all-weather strings, and a sleek design inspired by adult compound bows.
  12. Extreme Adjustability Youth Compound Bow for Aspiring Hunters — Experience the ultimate youth compound bow with Diamond Archery’s Diamond Atomic Bow Package, featuring extreme adjustability, smooth performance, and a high-quality finish.


Top Quality Youth Compound Bow for Kids


I recently got my hands on the PSE Mini Burner RTS Compound Bow Package, and I have to say, it exceeded my expectations. The adjustable draw length range of 16 to 26 is perfect for a growing child, with a draw weight range of 4 to 40 lbs. that’s suitable for any young shooter.

The 3-pin sight helped me fine-tune my aim, while the 5-arrow quiver, 3-carbon arrows, and 6-stabilizer provided the finishing touches for a complete setup. One aspect that stood out to me was the small size of the bow, which may not suit smaller kids as much as I’d hoped. Additionally, the arrow quiver had a broken screw, which was a minor inconvenience.

All in all, the PSE Mini Burner proved to be a reliable and enjoyable option for a young shooter. It has everything you need to start shooting, and it’s a great choice for kids who want to learn and grow with their bow.

Engaging Girls Youth Bow with Whisker Biscuit and Accessories


I recently tried the Bear Archery Brave Youth Bow in purple and had a mixed experience. The adjustable draw weight and length made it suitable for my 10-year-old, but I found the nock rest to be loose. The quality of the arrows and accessories was good, but the overall performance fell short of expectations.

While it’s not the best option for a young archer, it could be a decent entry-level bow with some modifications.

Diamond Edge Max Bow Package for Archery Enthusiasts


The Diamond Edge Max Compound Bow Package truly enhances your archery experience. This bow comes equipped with a Binary Cam System which offers unmatched accuracy, ensuring top-notch performance. Its caged riser design adds more stability and precision, making it the perfect choice for archery enthusiasts of all levels.

Fully accessorized for complete usage, this bow boasts a sturdy and durable build that can withstand high speeds, reaching a maximum of 314 feet per second! . Suitable for individuals of all ages and skill levels, the Diamond Edge Max Compound Bow Package is a must-have addition to any archery gear.

Crosman Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow — Perfect for Outdoor Adventures


As a kid, I had a knack for finding the perfect balance between quality and affordability when it came to gadgets. So, when I stumbled upon the Crosman Archery Elkhorn Compound Bow Package, I knew it was just the ticket for my young archery enthusiast.

This 33-inch compound bow, designed for right-handed youth aged 9 and up, quickly became the centerpiece of our family’s archery experiences. And the first thing I noticed? The top-notch quality of this bow, especially considering the price tag.

The durable composite limbs and sturdy riser provided a large sight window, ensuring shots landed with pinpoint accuracy. The heavy-duty all-weather strings and cables offered a smooth, dependable performance, no matter the weather. And with the added protection of the guard, my eager young archer enjoyed a superior shooting experience.

Of course, the bundle also included all the essential accessories that a budding archer would need to get started. The two composite youth arrows, the two-piece quiver, and the finger tab rounded out the package, providing everything necessary for a fun and engaging archery session.

While the set did come with a brace height of 8 inches and a draw weight between 17–21 lbs, it was a breeze for my 10-year-old to start mastering the sport. Over the summer, he made great progress with the help of the well-thought-out design of this youth bow.

However, one thing that quickly became evident was the lack of included arrow knocks. The necessity of finding these separate accessories made it difficult to start using the bow immediately, but not a deal-breaker.

Another small issue was the arrow rest. Although it performed its purpose, the build quality could have been improved for better durability. A few of the accessories included, such as the arm guard and sight, were also on the cheaper side, but they served the purpose adequately.

So, all things considered, the Crosman Archery Elkhorn Compound Bow Package was a fantastic addition to our family’s archery sessions. It offered great functionality without breaking the bank and was a terrific starter set for a young archer eager to improve their skills.

As an outdoor enthusiast and dad, I highly recommend this budget-friendly, versatile, and enjoyable archery set for your youngster. With its impressive quality and numerous accessories, the Crosman Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow is sure to become a timeless favorite among families that share a passion for archery.

Mathews Genesis Adjustable Youth Bow


As a young beginner in archery, I was thrilled to try out the Genesis bow from Mathews. It was my first time handling a compound bow, and I found it incredibly user-friendly. The single cam bow had a smooth draw with a solid back wall, which made me feel comfortable aiming and pulling the trigger.

One of the standout features of the Genesis bow was its adjustable draw length, which could be easily modified to fit my needs. This was especially helpful as I grew more confident in my skills and wanted a bow that could grow with me. The easy-to-use interchangeable components made the process of adjusting the draw length simple and hassle-free.

The Genesis bow was also known for its durability, which was evident in its high-quality components. The aluminum riser provided balance and lightweight support, while the fiber-reinforced composite split limbs made it easy to handle. The machined idler wheel, made from low-friction synthetic material, rarely required lubrication, ensuring smooth and consistent performance.

Although I didn’t personally need the flipper-style arrow rest, I appreciated that it came with the kit. It added an extra level of convenience for users who wanted to switch between different arrow styles or maintain a more secure grip on their arrows.

Overall, my experience with the Genesis bow was overwhelmingly positive. As a beginner, it provided a great starting point, with its adjustable draw length and user-friendly design. The high-quality components and durability made it a reliable choice, even as I progressed in my archery journey. I wholeheartedly recommend the Genesis compound bow to anyone looking to enter the sport or simply enjoy the thrill of target shooting.

Affordable Kids Compound Bow Set — Perfect for Archery Beginners & Practice


As an avid archery enthusiast, I recently had the chance to try the PSE Guide Youth Compound Beginner Bow Set and must say, it exceeded my expectations! The first thing that caught my eye was its impressive design. This bow comes with prestrung finger rollers, which not only protect your fingers but also allow for a more natural grasp.

Using this bow was a breeze, and I appreciated its lightweight, durable construction, making it perfect for those long days at the archery range. The set was designed to fit kids’ hands, making it ideal for youngsters aged 10 and up. I was particularly impressed by its ability to hold a right hand, which made it convenient for anyone looking to improve their shot.

One aspect that I found truly exceptional was the compound bow’s increase in speed and accuracy. The Guide Youth Compound Beginner Bow Set allowed for a more controlled and precise shot, which made all the difference during my practice sessions.

However, I did encounter a few drawbacks during my experience with this bow. Firstly, the initial draw weight could be a bit challenging for beginners, but there’s a solution to that — simply adjust the draw weight to suit your child’s preferences. Secondly, the arrow rest could use some improvement, as it sometimes posed a challenge when trying to find the perfect position for the arrows.

Overall, the PSE Guide Youth Compound Beginner Bow Set has proven to be a valuable addition to the world of archery for both beginners and seasoned pros alike. Its excellent features and minor drawbacks make it a standout choice for anyone looking to enhance their target shooting skills while having a great time doing it!

PSE Uprising Youth Compound Bow for Ages 14–30


When I first received the PSE Uprising Youth bow, I was excited to try it out. The length of the bow was adjustable, making it suitable for a range of users. The axle to axle length of 30 inches and a velocity of 310 fps were impressive features that stood out. The package included several accessories, such as a 3-pin sight, arrow rest, 5-arrow quiver, and stabilizer.

However, one downside was the weight. At 3.2 lbs, it was considered heavier than other alternatives. During my experience, I found the bow quite comfortable to shoot, but the cheap sight was a big drawback. It fell apart easily, which I believe could be due to poor quality materials. Additionally, the bow was less adjustable than advertised, as the draw weight was directly proportional to the draw length.

Despite the cons, the PSE Uprising youth bow had some strong points. The quietness of the bow and the Mossy Oak finish made it perfect for hunting, and I appreciated the lightweight design. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, it might be worth considering this bow. However, I would recommend replacing the sight as soon as possible.

Versatile Mathews Youth Bow for Adjustable Shooting Experience


The Infinite 305 is a versatile bow, suitable for both seasoned hunters and beginners. Its lightweight and stable riser ensures consistent accuracy, while the premium feel of the redesigned cam system is a plus. Drawing up to 305 fps, this bow has a wide draw length range of 19–31" and an impressive draw weight range from 5 lbs. to 70 lbs. That makes it an excellent choice for youth and adult archers alike.

One of the main features that I appreciate is the easy adjustability for both draw length and draw weight, which means no need for a bow press. The package comes with a Furnace quiver, Stryker 3-pin sight, Octagon brush rest, and boost stabilizer, giving it an all-in-one feel.

However, I’ve noticed that the accessories could be better. The sight is not of the best quality and might need an upgrade, and the quiver could be more sturdy. But overall, the Infinite 305 is an affordable and capable bow that can cater to different levels of archery experience. Just make sure to double-check the accessories with the bow before purchasing.

Daisy Youth Compound Bow: Adjustable Sight, Ambidextrous Design, Perfect for Beginners


I recently tried the Daisy Youth Compound Bow and let me tell you, it was quite the experience. First of all, the ambidextrous design is a game-changer. As a lefty, I appreciated being able to switch which side the sight and cable guard were on. It made it easier for me to get comfortable with the bow.

The draw weight of 13–19 lbs. (depending on cam position) was suitable for my smaller frame. I appreciated that the bow can be sighted in as close as 6 meters, making it perfect for a beginner archer’s first shot. However, the arrows that the bow comes with are a bit flimsy. I couldn’t help but notice that the arrow rests on top of the front rest, causing the fletchings to wear down.

Overall, the Daisy Youth Compound Bow is a great beginner’s bow. Its shoot through riser design provides confidence to novice archers and the adjustable sight and cable guard make it versatile for left and right-hand users. The bow might not be the most powerful, but for the price and for beginners like me, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

Genesis Quest G5 Compound Bow for Every Archery Enthusiast


The Genesis Bow Teal RH is a fantastic addition to anyone’s archery collection. I recently tried it out, and the aluminum riser really caught my attention. Not only does it provide a great balance, but it’s also incredibly durable and lightweight, making it ideal for daily use.

Another standout feature is the single cam design with zero let off. As someone who values accuracy, it made my experience shooting much more consistent. The machined idler wheel made of low-friction synthetic seldom requires lubrication, making maintenance a breeze.

However, no product is without its flaws. While the Genesis Bow is great for most people, I found the weight to be a little on the heavier side, especially during extended shooting sessions.

Overall, the Genesis Bow Teal RH is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and versatile compound bow that can grow with its user. The lightweight, durable design, and easy-to-handle features make it a worthy investment for both beginners and experienced archers alike.

Centerpoint Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow — Mathews Youth Bow


The Centerpoint Elkhorn Compound Bow is a great companion for young archers looking to hone their skills. I’ve been using it for a while now, and I must say, it’s a reliable and fun addition to my archery gear. One of the standout features for me is the adjustable draw weight, which allows for a more personalized shooting experience. It’s been super helpful as I’ve grown more comfortable with the bow.

One thing I appreciate is that the Elkhorn has a durable construction, making it suitable for all weather conditions. I’ve taken it out in the rain and even a bit of snow, and it has always held up well. The heavy-duty strings are a plus, too. They don’t fray or wear out quickly, ensuring a consistent and smooth shooting experience.

However, there’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using this bow. The 8-inch brace height might be a tad too short for some, and it takes some getting used to. The arrow rest and adjustable pin sight are great features, but I found myself having to readjust them often to get the perfect shot.

Overall, I’d recommend the Centerpoint Elkhorn Compound Bow to any young archer looking for a solid, durable, and adjustable compound bow to grow with. While it might not be perfect, it’s a great value for the price and a fantastic tool for building archery skills.

Extreme Adjustability Youth Compound Bow for Aspiring Hunters


Using the Diamond Atomic Bow Package was an exciting experience for both my kid and me. The simplicity of the youth compound bow made it easy for me to handle, while the extreme adjustability allowed my little one to shoot comfortably. The machined aluminum riser and cams were a nice touch, adding to its quality feel.

One of the great features of this bow was its ability to function as a simple traditional bow or be customized for a fixed draw length and weight. This made it an ideal choice for beginners, like my son. The package included Diamond Hip Quiver, 1 pin sight, Capture Arrow Rest, and 3 Arctic arrows with target points, which were helpful additions.

However, there were a few downsides as well. The cable to string clearance was rather tight, which limited our fletching options. Also, the quality of the center serving could be better, as it was too thin for some arrows.

Overall, the Diamond Atomic Bow Package was a decent choice for my kid, offering the right amount of adjustability and a smooth shooting experience. While there was room for improvement in terms of fletching and center serving, the positive aspects made it worth the investment.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to choosing a Mathews Youth Bow, there are several important factors to consider. This guide will provide you with valuable information on the key features to look for, as well as some general advice to help you make the best decision for your needs.



One of the most crucial aspects when choosing a Mathews Youth Bow is the material it is made from. Generally, you want a bow that is lightweight, yet sturdy and durable. Some popular materials for youth bows include maple laminates, fiberglass, and aluminum. Maple laminates are often traditional and offer a beautiful finish, while fiberglass and aluminum are lightweight and more resilient.

Draw Weight

Another vital consideration when selecting a Mathews Youth Bow is the draw weight. The draw weight should be appropriate for the intended user’s age and skill level. Generally, you want to choose a draw weight that is not too heavy or too light, allowing the user to develop proper form and technique efficiently. Keep in mind that as a user grows, they may need to upgrade to a bow with a higher draw weight to continue challenging their abilities.


Length and Style

The length and style of your youth bow also play an important role in its overall performance and handling. There are various lengths and styles to choose from, such as recurve and compound bows. Recurve bows are often traditional and offer more draw length, while compound bows have a more modern design and can help maintain arrow speed throughout the draw cycle. In terms of length, a youth bow should be suitable for the age and arm length of the user, ensuring comfort and ease of use during practice and hunting.

Grip and Accessories

A comfortable grip is essential for a youth bow that ensures the optimal performance and safety. The grip should be ergonomically designed, providing a secure hold on the bow without causing any discomfort or strain. Additionally, consider investing in some accessories to complement your youth bow, such as a quiver for the arrows and a shoulder sling for added comfort during long periods of use. These accessories can greatly improve the overall experience and enjoyment of using your Mathews Youth Bow.



What is the purpose of the Mathews Youth Bow?

The Mathews Youth Bow is designed for young archers, providing a perfect entry-level bow for beginners. It’s lightweight, user-friendly, and affordable, making it an ideal choice for introducing kids to archery without breaking the bank. The bow comes with pre-set limbs and a bow string, which allows for easy assembly and use.

Mathews Youth Bow is specifically created for youths, offering the right balance of durability and flexibility. It is designed to help children develop their skills and love for archery in a fun and safe environment. By using the Mathews Youth Bow, young archers can practice proper shooting techniques and build their confidence before moving onto more advanced equipment.


What are the key features of the Mathews Youth Bow?

The Mathews Youth Bow features a lightweight yet sturdy frame, which makes it easy for young archers to handle. The bow has a comfortable grip, ensuring a comfortable shooting experience. It also comes with pre-set limbs, making it ready for use right out of the box. The bow has been designed to provide optimal performance and accuracy, allowing young archers to hone their skills and enjoy archery to the fullest.

Additionally, the bow’s adjustable draw weight allows users to customize the resistance according to their strength and skill level. This ensures that the bow remains safe to use while still providing the appropriate challenge for growth and development. Lastly, the Mathews Youth Bow is affordably priced, making it a budget-friendly option for parents and guardians looking to introduce their children to archery.

What age range is the Mathews Youth Bow suitable for?

The Mathews Youth Bow is specifically designed for children and young adults between the ages of 8 and 16. It’s made to accommodate different skill levels and growth spurts, offering a great solution for families looking to introduce their kids to archery at a young age. The adjustable draw weight ensures that the bow remains safe to use while still providing the appropriate challenge for growth and development.

Parents and guardians should consider their child’s age, strength, and interests when selecting a bow. The Mathews Youth Bow is a perfect fit for those just starting their archery journey, as it provides the right combination of safety, performance, and affordability needed for young archers to enjoy the sport.


How does the Mathews Youth Bow compare to other youth bows on the market?

The Mathews Youth Bow stands out from other youth bows on the market for several reasons. Firstly, it is designed for a specific age range, ensuring that it offers the right balance of safety, performance, and durability for young archers. The adjustable draw weight also sets it apart, allowing users to customize the resistance according to their strength and skill level.

Furthermore, the Mathews Youth Bow is affordably priced, making it a budget-friendly option for parents and guardians looking to introduce their children to archery. With its comfortable grip and lightweight frame, it’s an easy-to-handle bow that is perfect for young, inexperienced archers. Overall, the Mathews Youth Bow is a high-quality, well-designed option that offers great value for money.

Can the Mathews Youth Bow be used for competition or serious archery practice?

While the Mathews Youth Bow is designed for young archers, it can still be used for competition or serious archery practice. Its adjustable draw weight allows users to customize the resistance according to their strength and skill level, making it suitable for a wider range of archery enthusiasts. Additionally, its lightweight frame and comfortable grip ensure that it remains easy to handle even during long practice sessions or intense competitions.

However, it’s essential to consider the bow’s limitations, as it is still designed for young archers. Its smaller size and lower weight may result in less stability and accuracy compared to more advanced bows used by experienced archers. Nonetheless, the Mathews Youth Bow can serve as a foundation for further growth and development, allowing young archers to build their skills and eventually progress to more advanced equipment.

How can I maintain and care for my Mathews Youth Bow?

To ensure that your Mathews Youth Bow remains in great condition, it’s essential to follow some basic maintenance and care guidelines. Firstly, always store the bow in a dry, clean area away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. This will help prevent rust and other forms of damage to the bow.

Secondly, regularly inspect the bow for any signs of wear and tear, such as damage to the limbs or frayed string. If any issues are found, it’s important to address them promptly to prevent further damage or safety hazards. Finally, always use the bow responsibly, following proper safety guidelines and maintaining a safe distance from others during practice or competition.